Cappadocia-Hypogea 2017 Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves

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  • GALEAZZI Carla, PARISE Mario / “HYPOGEA” The Official Brand of the International Congresses of Speleology in Artificial Cavities
  • DE PASCALE Andrea, SAJ Stefano / OPERA IPOGEA Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities
  • ANDALORO Maria, BORDI Giulia, BORDINO Chiara, POGLIANI Paola, VALENTINI Valeria / Signs on the rock. Red paintings in the valleys of Göreme and Kılıçlar (Turkey)
  • CALÒ Stefano, SANTUCCI Elettra / Hypogea with niches of southern Apulia. Examples of rural economy in medieval cave settlements of Salento
  • CARPICECI Marco, COLONNESE Fabio, INGLESE Carlo, ANGELINI Andrea / Model and experience. Measuring deformations of rupestrian architectures in the area of Göreme
  • KALAS Veronica / Rock-Cut Façades from Byzantine Cappadocia
  • KLEIN Eitan, ZISSU Boaz / Graffiti of Boats from the Hellenistic and Early Roman Period in Underground Chambers in the Judean Foothills, Israel
  • LAMESA Anaïs / If techniques help to date a monument… three cases studies
  • MORA Clelia, BALZA Maria Elena, BIXIO Roberto, DE PASCALE Andrea / A link between "ancient words" and the "underground world": Cappadocian landscape, rock-cut structures and textual evidence from Hittite documentation
  • POLIMENI Beniamino / Image-Based Modeling Techniques for Visualization and Analyses of Cave Dwellings
  • SHIVTIEL Yinon / Hiding Complexes in the Galilee, Israel-artificial refuges caves in the Early Roman Period
  • ALBOV Dmitry, ISAKOVA T.N., YANOVSKAIA E.G / Paleontological and physico-chemical methods for identification of limestone as a construction stone
  • CAMPAGNOLI Marco / Historical research and geological-structural stability problems in artificial cavities of Marche
  • COUPRIE Pierre / The consequence of erosion caused by watercourses on the conservation of cavities hollowed in the soft sedimentary stratus in Cappadocia
  • DAVTYAN Smbat / Cave Settlements in Volcanic Areas of the Armenian Republic
  • LAPENNA Vincenzo, LEUCCI Gianni, PARISE Mario, PORFYRIOU Heleni, GENOVESE Laura, VARRIALE Roberta / A project to promote the importance of the natural and cultural heritage of the underground environment in southern Italy
  • PARISE Mario / Engineering-geological studies on artificial cavities, aimed et evaluating the possibility of failures in underground settings
  • PONS-BRANCHU Edwige, ROY-BARMAN Matthieu, DUMONT Emmanuel, DUSERRE Gérard, LARGIER Jean-Luc,
  • GUILLERME André, FERNANDEZ Mathieu, BULTEZ Gilles, MALNAR Daniella, FOLIOT Lorna, THIL François,
  • DAPOIGNY Arnaud, DOUVILLE Eric, BRANCHU Philippe, PETILLON Gaelle, BORDIER Louise / Carbonate deposits in artificial galleries: chronology and past-environmental reconstruction. Case studies of Versailles Palace and Northern Paris underground aqueducts (France)
  • BIXIO Andrea, BIXIO Roberto, DE PASCALE Andrea, MAIFREDI Alessandro, TRAVERSO Mauro / Rock-cut hydraulics in Cappadocia: the tunnel-cisterns of Göreme
  • BIXIO Roberto, FACCINI Francesco, MAIFREDI Alessandro, PERASSO Luigi, SAJ Stefano, TRAVERSO Mauro / The culverted streams in the historical amphitheatre of Genoa city (Italy): flood risk or geoheritage protection?
  • CANAVAS Constantin / Challenges and conflicts in preserving traditional underground water channels (qanat/kariz)
  • CARESTIA Luca / Background history on the presence of an underground snow-house in Potenza Picena (Marche, Italy)
  • CARRIÓN Andrés, FORNES Antonio, SISTERNAS Alberto, BENEDITO Vicente, ROMERO José / A study of an underground Medieval Water Distribution Network and other structures in a Spanish town
  • FRUMKIN Amos / Hellenistic-Roman underground water systems: The case of Ma'abarta - Flavia Neapolis, southern Levant
  • GERMANI Carlo, GALEAZZI Carla, GALEAZZI Sandro / Artificial Outlets: analysis of the drainage-related functions during planning. Integrated systems?
  • GERMANI Carlo, MAZZOLI Mario, GALEAZZI Sandro, VITELLI Marco / Underground areas of the Villa Farnese in Caprarola (Viterbo, Italy)
  • GERMANIDOU Sophia / Preliminary Report on the Rock-Cut and Underground Cisterns of Medieval and Post-medieval Messinia
  • GILLI Eric / Underground hydraulic works related to artificial crop areas in Cappadocia
  • PELLANDRA Davide Ivan, MAZZOLI Mario / Tank of the Roman Villa in Tor Vergata (Rome, Italy)
  • UÇAR Meltem / Dating and Understanding the Underground Water Structure in Gaziantep based on Şeriye Records and Charter of Wakfs 
  • YAMAC Ali, OKUDUCU Zafer / Underground Hydraulic Structures of Gaziantep (Southeast Turkey): Livas and Qastels
  • BENUCCI Michele, CARPICECI Marco, COLONNESE Fabio, INGLESE Carlo, ROMAGNOLI Giuseppe / The rock-cut settlement and the courtyard complex of Şahinefendi (Nevşehir, Turkey)
  • BIXIO Andrea, BIXIO Roberto, DE PASCALE Andrea / The Rock-cut sites in the basin of Şahinefendi (Ürgüp - Cappadocia)
  • CARRIÓN-GARCÍA Andrés, FORNES Antonio, SISTERNAS Alberto, BENEDITO Vicente, CARRIÓN-BAZ Andrés / Rock shelters of the Upper Turia Valley. A testimony of a lost society
  • GALEAZZI Carla, GERMANI Carlo / The rock-cut settlement of Karlık (Central Turkey). Speleological investigations
  • LEONTEV Mikhail, IANOVSKAIA Ekaterina / Caves settlements in Peristrema (Ihlara) Valley, Turkey
  • Rock-cut dwellings in Syunik, Armenia / SHAHINYAN Samvel, DAVTYAN Smbat, ALEKSANYAN Taron,YENOKYAN Vruyr, ASRABYAN Areg, NAHAPETYAN, Davit, KHUDOYAN Anush 
  • YAMAC Ali / Cave dwellings of Euphrates River (Southeast Turkey)
  • YAMAC Ali / Kırkmerdiven Underground City of Doganli Village, Kayseri (Southeast Turkey)
  • YAMAC Ali / Undreground Settlements and Cave Dwellings of Agirnas Village, Kayseri (Southeast Turkey)
  • BIXIO Andrea, BIXIO Roberto, DE PASCALE Andrea, TRAVERSO Mauro  / The concentric refuge of Kılıçlar Kilisesi complex (Göreme - Cappadocia)
  • BOBOKHYAN Arsen, DAVTYAN Smbat / Common Traits of Artificial Caves and Rock-Cut Constructions in Ancient Armenia
  • PORAT Roi, KALMAN Ya’akov, CHACHY Rachel, ZISSU Boaz  / Underground Herodium: Guerrilla Warfare during the Bar Kokhba War (132–136 CE) under Herod's Royal Palace Fortress
  • BELVEDERI Giovanni, ERCOLANI Massimo, GARBERI Maria Luisa, GONNELLA Sabrina, PERUZZI Fabio, ROSSI Giovanni, SANSAVINI Baldo / The rediscovery of the Formignano Sulphur Mine (Forlì-Cesena, Italy)
  • BENEDETTINI A, CABELLA R, CHIAPPINO C, CRESTA P, FACCINI F, ROBBIANO A, STUPPINI M / The redevelopment of abandoned underground mines to mining museum and hypogeum walkway: a case from Gambatesa Mine, Aveto Natural Park (Italy)
  • GREK Igor O., SHIROKOV M.N. / Holodna Balka Quarry Research (Ukraine)
  • RUGGIERI Rosario / The Latomie of Ragusa (Sicily, southern Italy): a study case of artificial cavities in the underground of the city
  • YAMAC Ali / Underground Quarries of Gaziantep (Southeast Turkey)
  • AGAPOV Ilya / The use of natural caves in the Christian religious practise in the Karoulia (Mount Athos, Greece)
  • BAKHTADZE Nodar / Typological and Chronological Problems of David-Gareji (Georgia) Cave Churches Against the Background of Cappadocian Rock-cut Monuments
  • BENUCCI Michele, CRESCENZI Carmela, GIUSTINIANI Claudio, ROMAGNOLI Giuseppe  / Survey on a monastic complex in the area of Göreme (Nevşehir, Turkey)
  • BYTRITSKAYA D.D., GREK Igor O / Catacombs of Kerch (Ukraine)
  • CARRIÓN Andrés, FORNES Antonio, SISTERNAS Alberto, BENEDITO VicenteFERNANDEZ José,BARCIELA Virginia / Exploration and researches in the Holy Cave of Altura (Castellón Spain)
  • CRESCENZI Carmela, FIRENZUOLI Virginia, SALVADORI Chiara, VANNACCI Elena  / The expeditious survey of Tokalı Kilise in Soğanlı Valley (Turkey)
  • DE TAPIA Ayde Aylin  / Negotiating Above and Underground Sacredness in the Nineteenth-Century Cappadocia: The Use of Underground Cities
  • GIANNINI Nicoletta  / People behind Places. The Role and value of the hermitages of San Michele in the settlement of Colli Albani (Latium, Italy) during the Middle Ages
  • GILLI Eric / From columbaria to dovecotes: two thousand years of use of cave dwellings in Ağırnas (Kayseri, Turkey)
  • GÖKCAN F. Sema / Gülşehir- Karşı Kilise (a 13th century church in Cappadocia, Central Turkey)
  • GUNKO Alexey, KONDRATYEVA Sofia, STEPKIN Vitaliy / Artificial caves in chalk outcrops in the Don basin
  • GUNKO Alexey, STEPKIN Vitaliy, KONDRATYEVA Sofia / Cave temples in the Don region, Russia and Ukraine
  • PASTURA Giancarlo / Hypogean structures under the jurisdiction of the monastery of St. Silvestro in Capite between 10 and 13th century, in the Viterbo area, central Italy
  • ZAGARI Francesca / Caves in Italo-Greek Medieval monasticism. New explorations and cultural function
  • ANDALORO Maria, VALENTINI Valeria, POGLIANI Paola / Painting on rock settlements in Cappadocia. A database and a virtual museum for the enhancement of the area
  • CILLA Cristiana, CONTU Marco, FADDA Jessica, MASCIA Riccardo, MATTANA Marco, MEREU Lucio, MURA Lucia,
  • SANNA Roberto, SCANU Alice / From Karalis to Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). A three thousand years journey inside the artificial cavities of the city
  • DE MINICIS Elisabetta / Rock-cut roads in the Middle Ages: reuse, new elements and "service" roads
  • DOLOTOV Yuri / Principles of speleostological zoning
  • MONTAGNE Denis / 20 centuries of excavation in Laon (France)
  • MORDEGLIA Simona / The anthropogenic caves in Finalese (northern Italy) during historical age
  • VARRIALE Roberta  / Southern Italy underground space: from the history to the future
Cappadocia-Hypogea 2017 Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves Cappadocia-Hypogea 2017 Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves 9786059680370 Cappadocia-Hypogea 2017 Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves