ADALYA 23 - 2020

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536 s, renkli ve S&B figürler, İngilizce makaleler.

  • Burçin Erdoğu / Capturing the Seen and Unseen in the Beldibi Rock Art 
  • Özlem Çevik – Murat Dirican – Aydın Ulubey – Osman Vuruşkan / The Galena Objects from Neolithic Ulucak: The Earliest Metallic Finds in Western Turkey
  • Abdullah Hacar – K. Aslıhan Yener / Anatolian Pot Marks in the 3rd Millennium BC: Signage, Early State Formation, and Organization of Production
  • A. Tuba Ökse / Reflection on the Sunrise Positions in Early and Middle Bronze Age Extramural Cemeteries in Anatolia 
  • Sevgül Çilingir Cesur / The Timing of Ritual Performance in Hittite Texts: The “Morning” Rites
  • Dries Daems / Reassessing the Origin of Polis in Lycia and Southwest Anatolia
  • Fatma Şahin – Erkan Alkaç / Banded Bowls from Tepebağ Höyük (Cilicia Pedias)
  • Özgün Kasar – Kaan İren / Leaded Bronze Arrowheads at Daskyleion 
  • Hazar Kaba / An Elite Tomb from Soloi: New Evidence for the Funerary Archaeology of Cyprus
  • Erkan Alkaç – Ulus Tepebaş / The Gem Stamp on the Handle of a Mushroom-rimmed Amphora from Knidos: An Assessment of the Centauromachy in Terms of Stamps and Iconography
  • Hüseyin Sami Öztürk – Ögül Emre Öncü / Olympos in Lycia: A Novel Assessment of its History and Localization in Light of Recent Archaeological and Epigraphical Research
  • Nihal Tüner ?nen / Two New Inscriptions from the Claudian Period at Perge
  • Handegül Canlı / A Unique Roman Folding Knife Handle with Eagle Ornament from Philadelphia in Cilicia
  • Şenkal Kileci – Birol Can / A New Honorific Inscription from Blaundos: Tiberius Claudius Lucius, the Priest of Dionysos Kathegemon 
  • Ahmet Tolga Tek – Hacer Sancaktar / A Numismatic Riddle from Arykanda: The God of the Water Spring 
  • Mark Wilson / The Discovery of a Menorah in Attalia (Kalei.i, Antalya) and its Significance for Jewish Communities in Pamphylia 
  • Özgü Çömezoğlu Uzbek / A North African Plate Unearthed in the Andriake Excavations 
  • Philip Bes / Early Byzantine Pottery from Limyra’s West and East Gate Excavations
  • Nilgün Elam / Ecclesiastical Personages of Side (????) of Pamphylia according to Literary and Sphragistic Data
  • Ömür Bakırer / Window Glass from the Excavations in the Seljuk Palace at Alanya
  • Mahmut Demir – Terrance Michael Patrick Duggan – Erkan Kurul / Observations and Assessments of Some Epigraphic Graffiti Found on Entrances in Kaleiçi/Antalya 
  • Ayşe Ozil / A Traveller in One’s Homeland: Local Interest in Archaeology and Travel Writing in the Ottoman Greek World in 19th Century Anatolia 
  • Alex Rodriguez Suarez / Two Church Bells from Antalya: Traces of the Religious Soundscape of the Late Ottoman Period 
ADALYA 23 - 2020 ADALYA 23 - 2020 1301-2746-23 ADALYA 23 - 2020